Fillings are used to fill cavities that have formed in your teeth. There are different types of fillings but the most common are amalgam (metal) and composite (tooth-colored).

If you need to have a filling, your dentist will usually give you an injection of local anaesthetic.

This completely blocks pain from the area and you will stay awake during the procedure.Your dentist will remove the decayed and weakened parts of your tooth using a small drill. He or she will then clean it and may use a liner to coat it so that there are no open passages to the nerve that could cause pain. Your dentist will then fill the cavity.

The filling will either begin to harden itself during the first few minutes or, for some materials, a blue light is used to make it set within a few seconds.After the procedure, it may take several hours before the feeling comes back into the treated area of your mouth. Take care not to bump or knock your mouth or bite your tongue, particularly when you’re speaking, drinking or eating.root-canals